If I decide at any point that I don’t want to sell my house after all, do I still need to pay my real estate agent commission?

This depends on where you are in the selling process when you decide you don’t want to sell. If the real estate agent hasn’t properly advertised your property, hasn’t had any offers or even a lot of interest in the property, and hasn’t advised you on why this is happening or what can be done to change it, sometimes you can back out of the deal without too many repercussions.

However, if the agent has done all of the work and has even found a ready, willing, and able buyer that will pay the full asking price and then you decide you don’t want to sell, you will most likely still have to pay the agent their commission.

If you get even further into the deal, such as the buyer has sold their previous home and has nowhere to go after a certain date, backing out of the deal at the last minute might make you responsible for expenses they incurred due to your decision such as hotel fees, storage fees, etc. When you decide you want to sell your home, you want to be very sure that you do in fact, want to sell your home.

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