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Hello, I am Jean Gillin.

13+ years as a realtor I can say honestly, that for most families, buying or selling a new home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. There are many complicated decisions involved in buying or selling a home. If you’re like most people, I bet you’ll likely want some expert advice along the way and you’ll need a real estate agent looking out for your top interests. I would love to provide assistance with purchasing or selling your home.

Give me a call at (631) 360-2800 or Email Me

Are You Going Trust The Selling Of Your Biggest Asset To Just Any Real Estate Agent?

With over 200 Homes Sold At a Volume of Over $71 Million. This is the experience you need behind the selling of your home!

Did you know there is a difference between a Real Estate Agent & a Realtor?  Real Estate Agents, might not be Realtors, but a Realtor is a Real Estate Agent held to a higher standard and trained above and beyond the common real estate agent.

I am Realtor that is a broker with well over 13+ years of making clients happy, I can say I am the right person for the job.  If you want to chat to see how I can use my experience to help you buy a home or sell your home, then reach out, Give me a call at (631) 360-2800 or Email Me


What's My House Worth?

Great Question Let's Review!

Ever wondered “What is my home worth?” During the housing bubble years leading up to 2007, it was with the pleasant thrill of imagining money piling up in the bank; after the crash, it was with a sense of dread, remembering that looming mortgage debt.

That’s why determining how to price your home is important if you want to sell your home and pinpoint the right asking price. Even if you’re not in the market to sell, it’s fascinating to see how much your investment may have appreciated over the years. But how do you find this magic number? One way is to ask a realtor like me “what is my home worth Jean?” and how could that affect me if I decide to sell?

Both Great Questions & the 1st step to get the answer is to fill out our Free Home Evaluation form.  Then I will crunch some numbers, check local housing market, check what similar homes are selling for, check how long the homes stay on the market for before they sell, and a few other elements of the home evaluation report.

I Can Help You Buy or Sell A Home In Any Area Of Suffolk County

But I Do Specialize In Certain Areas Of Suffolk County.

If you are looking to buy, sell or invest in a home in, Commack, Smithtown, Hauppauge, Centereach, or Central Islip, Well I am your agent.  I Specialise in these communities and can easily answer any questions you might have, or concerns within these areas.  So does that mean I can’t help you in other areas?  No, of course not, I can help you anywhere you want to move to, I have a huge network of amazing realtors throughout the US that can help outside of NY, as well as inside NY.

So Allow Me To Hold Your Hand During The Largest Transaction Of Your Life!


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